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Recently, the HondroFrost wrap was developed in Europe for joint health. Its effectiveness and safety have been proven during independent laboratory-based clinical trials. In 2022, the drug was recognized as the best in Romania.

How to buy HondroFrost

Gel HondroFrost is not sold in pharmacies, you can order it by leaving a request on the official website. Enter a name and phone number and wait for a call from a company employee and arrange the details. Now there is a preferential discount of 50% and the price of the medicine is 159L.

HondroFrost will restore joint mobility

Every inhabitant of the Earth has faced the problem of joint pain at least once. The group of factors for the development of joint diseases includes advanced age, increased physical activity, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, injuries, infections and autoimmune diseases. In 2022, Romania certified a new drug for the treatment of arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, etc. - HondroFrost gel. It is currently the only nanotechnological medicine in Romania that restores joints naturally. Its formula is based on medicinal plant components that successfully relieve pain and inflammation, as well as support the regeneration of damaged tissues.

Gel HondroFrost: about the product

HondroFrost is a clear, light gel for topical application. The development is based on drugs that astronauts used in the 1960s to reduce degenerative joint changes during their time in weightlessness. The patented unique formula of HondroFrost provides 10 times more efficiency, speed of pain relief and tissue recovery. The cream is ideal for the treatment of both mild and severe cases of damage to cartilage and bone tissue, as well as for the prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The volume of one tube is 50 ml.

How the HondroFrost gel works

The problem with the treatment of joint diseases is that the causes of their occurrence can be different, and the pathogenesis has its own specifics. Medicines are chosen depending on this. For clarity, we present a table with the most common causes of joint pain:

Causes of joint pain What is happening
Arthritis Inflammation of the joints, leading to destruction of the cartilage and adjacent parts of the bones
Arthrosis Degeneration and deformation of joints with destruction of cartilage and proliferation of bone tissue
bursitis Inflammation of the joint capsule due to accumulated fluid
gout Deposition of uric acid salts in the joints
New formations Benign or malignant tumors
Autoimmune diseases Due to a weakened immune system, the connective tissues are affected and the normal functioning of the joints is disturbed.

Changes in the joints are accompanied by severe pain. The natural ingredients of the HondroFrost cream are combined in a complex using bionanotechnology. The active substances dissolve completely in body fluids and reach the problem areas very quickly. The action of the gel is aimed at blocking pain, relieving inflammation, starting the processes of tissue recovery and synthesizing joint lubricant.

Advantages of HondroFrost Gel:

HondroFrost restores affected joints

Clinical studies of HondroFrost gel

After the creation of the gel, clinical trials were conducted with the participation of volunteers of different genders and age groups, with joint diseases of different origin and severity. The course of treatment is 2 months, after which control examinations are carried out. In 99% of cases, damaged joint tissues are almost completely restored. 100% of participants confirmed that HondroFrost completely relieved pain as early as the 14th day of use. During the study, no cases of allergic reactions and other side effects were registered.

Composition of gel HondroFrost

HondroFrost gel contains components of medicinal plants that have been used to treat the musculoskeletal system since ancient times. The unique formula allows not only to combine all the beneficial properties, but also to concentrate their action, which explains such a high effectiveness of the drug. HondroFrost includes:

Despite its growing popularity in Romania and Europe, the cream cannot be bought in a pharmacy or ordered in large commercial platforms. The manufacturer sells the product exclusively through the official website. Currently, users get a 50% discount and the price of the drug is 159L — what are the prices in other countries. Buy HondroFrost for treatment or prevention, forget about joint pain and inflammation. We do not require advance payments and do not charge commissions, you pay for the order upon receipt at the post office in your city.

Doctor's review

Doctor rheumatologist Alex Alex
17 years
The undoubted advantage of the HondroFrost gel is its high efficiency. The components of the composition provide a complex effect, providing an anti-inflammatory, anesthetic and healing effect. Clinical trials have proven that the gel is 10 times more powerful than other similar drugs. It is currently recognized as the best in Romania. It is ideal for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system in the acute and chronic phase, as well as for maintaining the joints during sports and tourism.