Experience of use HondroFrost

The experience of using HondroFrost gel from Lala from Bukov

The X-ray showed deposits of calcium salts in the joint

I am 50 years old and until recently I considered myself a relatively healthy person. My peers often have problems with blood pressure, sugar, heart, kidneys, pancreas, but, as the doctors said during examinations, I am a real lucky girl. However, age takes its toll and it becomes more and more difficult for his body to cope with various problems. At one point I began to notice that there were unpleasant sensations in the arm, in the shoulder joint. The pain quickly progresses and acquires a "shooting" character, radiating to the neck, shoulder blades and chest. It is impossible to rest on a hand in a dream, at night he often wakes up in pain. It became difficult to raise your hand, for example to comb your hair or take something from the shelf. The X-ray showed that calcium deposits appeared in the tendon of the periosteal muscle, which caused pain and impaired mobility of the joint. The doctor said it was due to a metabolic disorder.

How I found out about the HondroFrost gel

HondroFrost got rid of the salt deposits and restored the adjacent tissues

They explained to me that calcification develops when the cells of the tendons do not receive enough food and begin to die, that is, necrosis of the tenocytes occurs. With impaired metabolism, calcium deposits accumulate in the tendon and simply replace dead cells. The doctor said that the tumor is quite large and can be removed surgically, but any surgery carries certain risks. Therefore, he proposed to start with a new gel HondroFrost - with a natural biocomplex that is reinforced with microspheres of bioactive components. Such therapy, based on cell technology, should contribute to the stimulation of metabolism and the rapid absorption of salt deposits, which will restore the mobility of the joints. Then I myself looked at the official website for a review of the product: composition, characteristics of action, instructions for use and method of use. User reviews and expert comments were also posted there. All this finally convinced me and I decided to use the gel to heal my shoulder.

My experience with HondroFrost

I applied the gel as directed, twice a day. I applied a small amount to my shoulder and rubbed in with massaging movements. By the way, I was surprised when I felt the effect after the first application - the pain syndrome decreased significantly. Two weeks later I calmly raised my arm, the pain was still there but mild. The course of treatment was a month. All this time I followed a small diet and did special exercises. A month after the appointment, we did an X-ray again. No signs of deposits, and the joint looked like new. Well, he behaved accordingly - no pain, no stiffness. So I am very happy with the HondroFrost gel, thanks to which I was able to avoid joint surgery.