Instructions for use HondroFrost

The innovative HondroFrost gel relieves joint pain and restores normal mobility by regenerating damaged areas and stabilizing the amount of fluid in the joint capsule. The active components have a complex effect on cartilage and bone tissue without causing damage to other organs. in Romania HondroFrost is recognized as the most effective herbal medicine. For maximum effectiveness, the gel should be used as directed.

Gel HondroFrost: how to use

HondroFrost is applied to the affected areas

Unlike other similar drugs, HondroFrost gel prevents all pathological phenomena in the joint capsule that occur with disturbed metabolic processes, increased physical activity and degenerative changes in the joints. Thanks to the latest developments in the field of bionanotechnology, the active substances of HondroFrost reach the damaged tissues much faster and have a 10 times stronger restorative effect.

The course of treatment is at least 30 days. Before using the gel, wash and dry the affected areas. The medicine has a light texture that is easily distributed on the skin. HondroFrost is applied to damaged joints and gently rubbed with massaging movements until completely absorbed. It is not recommended to apply too thick a layer of gel, because the oils included in its composition form the thinnest film on the epidermis, and the excess composition simply will not be absorbed anymore. You should not take breaks in the treatment, as the active ingredients must reach a certain concentration in the body.

The drug is indicated not only for treatment, but also for the prevention of joint diseases, as well as for maintaining the musculoskeletal system in athletes and people who have undergone joint surgery. The preventive course is 10-15 days, a single application of the gel per day is sufficient.

Indications for use HondroFrost

Most often, the risk group for joint diseases includes people of the older age group, who have suffered joint injuries or operations, as well as athletes and patients with autoimmune diseases. The safety of the gel and its neutrality in relation to other drugs make the gel a universal drug. It can be used both independently and as part of a medical complex. Indications for use are:

  • arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, bursitis and salt deposits;
  • pain in the joints and adjacent areas;
  • edema, swelling;
  • stiffness of movements;
  • crunch, click, creak;
  • joint deformity.


Tests conducted in 2022 in Romania proved the safety of the drug. HondroFrost has no side effects Also, no cases of allergy to the components of the composition have been registered. Contraindications are only oncological diseases of the skin and open infected wounds. It is recommended to store the medicine away from children and animals, with a tightly closed cap.